Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Whether you are feeling increased stress from the pandemic; having new or worsening symptoms of anxiety and/or depression; dealing with your own or a loved one's substance abuse/addiction; coping with recent loss or change; living with the impacts of past trauma and/or recent trauma (eg. as a first responder or from your experience during recent protests); struggling with current and historical racism and issues of social justice; or you're just looking for a listening ear, support provided by a licensed therapist may be the answer you're seeking!

  • Clients served: Individual (Adults, Adolescents ages 11+), Families, Couples


  • Therapeutic approaches utilized as a whole & in combination:

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

DBT - Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapies

Positive Psychology

Talk Therapy

AND MORE! For additional information, please visit our Therapeutic Approaches page.



Here to support you through life's challenges, and work with you to develop and implement new strategies and skills that may increase resilience by improving your ability to cope and function.

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As a therapist, I meet you where you're at. I work in partnership with you to identify and explore your presenting issues and current difficulties, as well as your strengths, resources and goals, and tailor our (your and my) approach and plan to you: your unique make-up and situation. Through the use of a variety of therapeutic methods, approaches and techniques, a strong therapeutic alliance, and a safe, confidential space for you to express and us to explore whatever it is that's going on, you will likely start to feel better quickly. In fact, it's not unusual for clients to find some relief in as little as one session.


Sometimes all that's needed is to shine a light on the darkness. Talking with a therapist is an opportunity to consider multiple perspectives other than the one causing your distress. It's often as simple as having a safe space and an experienced therapist, for you to be ready, able and willing to venture into the place of fears, anxiety, anger, exhaustion, pain and suffering. For many approaches, this is where we find greater understanding of your situation, as well as the impetus to change.

Often it helps to speak our thoughts and feelings out loud; that in itself can reduce their power. As we work together on reducing the negative - fear, anxiety, depression, self-loathing, hopelessness and/or shame, etc. -  it will begin to slowly wash away, making room for growth. As you learn, access and practice effective strategies for disconnecting from the negative emotions and thoughts, and strengthening the positive, there becomes enough space to begin to reengage with joy, excitement, goals, creativity and peace. 

My clients are my priority, and as my client, I am committed to your well-being. I am qualified, conscientious and have experience in multiple therapeutic settings and approaches, which allows me to keep an eclectic orientation to therapy. I present what I believe to be the most useful strategies, techniques, mechanisms and goals from multiple therapeutic approaches. This means therapy is tailored to your individual needs, and symptoms can be targeted as they occur. Some approaches, such as EMDR are more prescribed in nature, and research shows efficacy when specific conditions are met. In that situation, when I'm actively practicing it, I remain faithful to the therapy model and those conditions. When we are not in an EMDR session, I bring other useful therapies into play.

Therapy is for you, and you decide our focus and direction; I am here to bring my knowledge, education and advanced training, and my clinical skills and expertise. Along with that comes my humanity, personal struggles, experience overcoming difficulties, and compassion. I am passionate about my work, and I'd love the opportunity to help improve your life so that you can feel and function as your best self. 



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